Life Coaching

Life Coaching vs. Counseling

How is Life Coaching different from Counseling/Therapy?

Life coaching, for both corporate and personal development, continues to be credited with huge success stories, becoming one of the most powerful personal and professional tools for success.  Life coaching can look to the uninformed public like counseling/therapy because of its commonalities.  They both seek to support the individual.  They are both delivered in much the same way, through regular face-to-face or phone sessions. They both work to take a person from the place they are now, to a place they want to be.  But there are some important differences...

Counseling/Therapy is oriented toward healing wounds of the past.  The counselor must assess, diagnose and create a treatment plan to heal pathology in their clients.  Life Coaching is a powerful partnership wherein trained life coaches assist people in clarifying their values, strengths, and goals.  Life coaching is positive and forward looking in its approach.  As a life coach, I help my clients identify their life purpose, outline their goals (personal, professional, spiritual, relational) and motivate them to stay on track until they achieve them.

I develop a systematic approach tailored to the needs and goals of each client, using an eclectic combination of tools and skills which I have honed over a 20+ year career.  I focus on success, integrity, healthy relationships, and a sense of self-mastery.  I communicate to my client’s empathy, support, and confidence in their strengths and abilities to make the changes they want.  I work within the framework of the historic Christian faith which holds at the heart of its tradition the values of grace and compassion.  At the same time, I am discerning and direct, and I challenge my clients and hold them accountable to the goals they have set for themselves.


Who can benefit from Coaching?

Anyone who seeks new solutions to old problems, or resolution to the issues that decrease the fulfillment in your life.

Everyone faces times when life is difficult and our own resources are not enough to make the changes we want.  I help people develop a fresh perspective and new coping skills to reach a place of satisfaction and joy in their lives.  Coaching is ideal if you are frustrated in your relationships (with others, yourself, or God), or struggle with fear, sadness, self-doubt, or emptiness. Coaching is also ideal if you seek to reach new heights of achievement in one or more areas of your life: personal, spiritual, fitness, or professional.

Working with Tara

I enjoy working with a variety of clients to help them fully realize their highest potential, purpose and satisfaction in life. Finding one's life purpose and achieving goals that bring about fulfillment in life can be a challenge. It requires a detailed and specific action plan and strong motivational support to overcome the obstacles and crossroads that inevitably get in the way. I help people identify their dreams, outline their goals, and motivate them to stay on track until they achieve them. With a personal coach along your side, you CAN do it!

If you want to reach a new level of achievement in your personal, professional, spiritual, or fitness goals, coaching is for you!  Contact me today for a free 1/2 hour phone consultation and let's begin creating a life worth celebrating!