Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach, I contribute inspiration and organizational direction to my client’s personal and business efforts.  By adding a creative, individualized, and systematic approach to the achievement of goals, I help my client’s realize their dreams -- even daring to envision new ones.  With over 20 years experience as a therapist/counselor, I am well versed in psycho-dynamics and the obstacles that can get in the way of us achieving our dreams and highest levels of achievement.  I take great pride and joy in empowering already successful executives to achieve even higher standards of accomplishment.

Coaching is a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance your individual ability to reach the goals to which you aspire.  As your Executive Coach, I will team with you to increase your self-mastery, help you tackle your self-imposed fears and stumbling blocks, and resolve outside obstacles.

Together, we will create a life and business worth celebrating!

Executive Testimonies

Kim Kuhljuergen of Coconut's Fish Cafe

After 23+ years in management at a Fortune 500 company I had achieved a certain measure of status and success.  However, it was not without a cost.  Excessive travel and relocations took it's toll on relationships and made it virtually impossible to establish roots and a connection with my community.  Dissatisfied despite my success, Tara helped me to explore my values and gain perspective and an understanding of the things that I hold important.

Torn between leaving a career of status and tenure for more personally meaningful pursuits, Tara was able to walk me through a process of discovery that helped me to recognize what I truly believe are the most important elements in life.  It was evident that my career was the cause of a great deal of internal dissatisfaction.  I also feared the regret that might accompany not pursuing alternative opportunities.  Logical and analytical by nature, Tara encouraged me to follow my heart.  Ultimately, I left the company to explore other options.

While on vacation in Hawaii in the summer of 2012, I ran across a small fish cafe that I thought would offer a fantastic and unique dining experience to Scottsdale.   I have since opened the first mainland location, to great success, in N. Scottsdale and have plans to open several more.  It is hard to imagine achieving success in my current venture without Tara's help in clarifying my values, providing encouragement to take the jump and succeed, and her support in dealing with the stresses along the way.

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If you want to reach a new level of achievement in your personal, professional, spiritual, or fitness goals, coaching is for you!  Contact me today for a free 1/2 hour phone consultation and let's begin creating a life worth celebrating!