Client Responses

I started seeing Tara J. Nolan for marriage coaching initially.  At the time my husband and I were close to celebrating our ten year anniversary but the excitement had faded.  We were arguing about everything and growing apart.  I wondered what the next ten years would be like if we continued down this path.  My husband agreed to a marital "tune up," and it was the best decision we had ever made. 

Tara gave us skills for handling our conflicts and helped us find ways to communicate with each other without confrontation.  She also helped us understand the reasons behind our differences and how we could meet each others' needs.

Her assignments and lesson plans were eye-opening for the both of us; we began connecting in ways we hadn't in years.  Coming up on our 12th year together, my husband and I still utilize the communication strategies Tara showed us.  We are more engaged and aware of our unique love languages, and we make an effort for "us" time which we had never done before.

I was so happy with the progress we had made as a couple, I went back to see Tara for individual life coaching and Brain Spotting.  Tara is easy to talk to, gives sound advice, and has helped me interpret situations without bias or perceptions clouding my judgment.  I would recommend Tara for anyone seeking life coaching or couple's coaching.

Jessica A.
Scottsdale, AZ

Recently, I was going through a rough patch, feeling quite down and discouraged, not knowing which way to go with a business that I operate.  I went to see Tara Nolan to discuss my lack of motivation, and concerns about my future.  Tara's input was very helpful, and her practical advice was always sound.   Most importantly, her belief in me, and her encouragement that I could make my business work provided me with the motivation I needed to turn things around in my life.  I am eternally grateful to Tara.  Tara is an excellent personal coach, and I highly recommend her.

Henry G.
Scottsdale, AZ

My wife and I found Tara Nolan to get through some changes happening with our family.  She set us up with an appointment quickly, and was flexible in meeting our scheduling needs.  She is professional, compassionate, and was able to get to the root of what we needed to address at just the right pace.  We are both satisfied with her approach and the results of her help.  We went through several individual and couple sessions and we highly recommend Tara for any type of family/marital coaching.

Tom N.
Phoenix, AZ

First of all, I HIGHLY recommend Tara J Nolan as a life coach!  From experience I know coaches are a hit-or-miss thing and the hourly cost makes it punishing to just 'try out' a few.  Tara has made a huge positive change in my life (and my S.O.'s life too) this year!  When we looked for a local coach we couldn't find many reviews so I wanted to write one for Tara:

* 7 months ago I was at an absolute low point in every area of my life and felt beyond hopeless.  I was politically screwed out of a job in a terrible job market, a once-respected family member badly betrayed me, my health was poor, my relationship was a major cause of stress & pain and then to top it off the one thing in my life that was great and brought me happiness, my dog, passed away unexpectedly.

* My relationship at that point was a disaster and took away any small burst of energy or happiness I could muster, which wasn't much.

* I found nothing fun, was clinically depressed and had panic attacks as well as many physical pains and issues.  Everything was a struggle.

* Now, after 7 months of concurrent couples and individual coaching with Tara my life has turned around to a point I never thought I would get to again, and is still improving!

* I am quite optimistic and my panic attacks are gone as are most of my stress-induced physical maladies and depression.

* My relationship is no longer a painful burden and getting more enjoyable daily.

* Tara strikes the perfect balance between professional & friendly as well as kindness & toughness.

* I have a hard time opening up to people, even therapists, yet Tara earned my trust very quickly and proved across time that she deserves it too!

* I am not religious at all and only mildly spiritual and Tara has been absolutely respectful of my view in this matter although she is a Christian.

* In couples therapy neither I nor my S.O. have ever thought that Tara was taking sides or playing favorites - even in the roughest discussions we have had.  She treats everyone fairly and works 'on' the issues and not 'on' the person.

* I am very sensitive to judgmental people yet have never felted like I was being judged or looked down upon by Tara.  She has this very gentle but firm way of leading you to face the issue without getting you defensive, which is HARD to do for me!

* Tara gets to the heart of the matter astoundingly quickly.  I have gone to coaches where the sessions feel more like a coffee klatch than a coaching session and it takes 10 sessions to get anywhere.  This is one of the main reasons I waited so long to get coaching this time - since my last coach took forever to get to anything I was afraid of a repeat.  Not with my Tara!  When my SO and I were battling in her office she would calmly ask one or both of us a few questions and in 2 minutes one or both of us would say: "YES!  That is exactly what is frustrating me or causing this!"  She not only would defuse the raging battle but would get us to what we needed to work on - the thing that not taken care of in the end caused all of those "But I only did Y because you did X!" endless loops.

* To sum it up, if you are suffering now and not making any strides on your own take Tara up on her 1/2 hour phone call to talk to her and check her out.  My SO made the 1/2 hour call and liked Tara (and she is tough to please!) I also recommend going to at least one session if you still have minor doubts or general fear since for me after one couples and one individual session I had no doubt she was a great coach and right for us!

Fountain Hills, AZ